IT Insights: How to Guard Against Cyber Security Risks

The Division of Corporation Finance, a part of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), issued guidance on disclosure obligations related to cyber security risks and incidents. This is simply guidance in the best interest for your shareholders. Public companies aren’t required to disclose this information to shareholders, but it could become a requirement in the future.

Brittany George, Weaver IT advisory senior manager, addresses a few key topics about the guidance and how businesses can measure and guard against cyber risks:

  • SEC reporting requirements changes for cyber security
  • Anticipating material impact of cyber security risks
  • Quantifying data and viewing vulnerabilities from a CEO’s perspective
  • Investor concern about cyber security
  • Steps to protect a company’s data and reputation

To learn more about cyber security risks, check out the Weaver IT Insights document, How to Guard Against Cyber Security Risksor for a discussion specific to your organization, please contact us.

In an increasingly cyber world, make sure your business is protected sooner than later.