June 1st, 2016 RFS Deadlines

As a reminder for parties regulated under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the following reports must be submitted to EPA by June 1st:

  • Annual Attestation Reports for the 2013 compliance year for Obligated Parties and Exporters of Renewable Fuel
  • Annual Attestation Reports for the 2014 compliance year for Exporters of Renewable Fuel (companies that exported renewable fuel between Jan 1 and Sep 16, 2014)
  • Annual Attestation Reports for the 2015 compliance year for all parties other than Obligated Parties (including RIN Generators, Exporters of Renewable Fuel and other RIN Owners)
  • Annual Production Outlook Report for Producers and Importers of Renewable Fuels (RFS0901)
  • Quarterly RFS Reports related to Q1 2016 activities, including the following (as applicable): 
    • EMTS: RFS2 RIN Transaction Report
    • EMTS: RFS2 RIN Generation Report
    • RFS0104 RFS2 Activity Report
    • RFS0601 RFS2 Renewable Fuel Producer Supplemental Report
    • RFS0701 RFS2 Renewable Fuel Producer Co-Products Report
    • RFS0801 RFS2 Renewable Biomass Report

Please contact Sandra Dunphy if you have any questions.

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