Planning for Tax Issues Before and After a M&A Deal Closes

During most merger and acquisition deals, taxes are a priority when negotiating a purchase price. However, if tax implications are neglected both during and after the integration phase, serious consequences can result. Adequate tax planning and management is crucial to help alleviate potential tax related issues.

In the article How to stay in front of tax issues before and after a M&A deal closes, Smart Business spoke with Weaver’s Sean Muller, partner-in-charge of Houston tax and strategic business services, about tax planning after a deal closes. In the interview, Sean highlights:

  • One of the most important tax-related tasks in a deal
  • Four major areas of concern for companies related to tax planning and operational synergies

Devoting resources to intensive tax planning before, during and after a M&A deal closes is essential to improve the likelihood of a successful merger and to reduce any costly tax-related surprises. If you don’t have the necessary tax expertise in-house to execute such planning, work with advisers that do.