Audit Defense - State & Local Tax Service Sheet

If your company has received a tax assessment as the result of an audit or has received a notice of audit by a state or local tax authority, it is time to consult Weaver’s state and local tax professionals. They have the technical knowledge and experience resolving state and local tax disputes to navigate this process with you. They have proven experience in reducing or eliminating tax assessments resulting from an audit, and can help protect your company’s bottom line against inaccurate audit decisions and results.

When you hire Weaver, you will leverage our specialized knowledge of the audit life cycle, sampling techniques, specific exemptions, and the administrative appeals process. We know the ins and outs of an audit from start to finish, and you will get the benefit of both informal and formal knowledge and experience.

Our team can handle all phases of the audit process. We first evaluate the audit issues identified, and then determine whether an appeal is warranted as well as the success probability for each issue. Our goal is to make the audit as easy as possible for our clients while protecting their best interests and minimizing tax liabilities.