Motor Fuels and Excise Tax Consulting Service Sheet

For companies subject to motor fuels and excise taxes, simply complying with federal and state tax requirements can take significant internal resources. Companies may miss important tax savings simply because they do not have the time or internal resources to uncover them. Amending previous tax returns or analyzing data to maximize tax benefits requires specialized knowledge that most companies do not have.

Weaver’s motor fuels and excise tax professionals have decades of experience delivering tax savings, minimizing overpayments, reducing audit risks, and assisting clients in tax controversy disputes. In addition to resolving complex tax filing challenges, we work with internal tax compliance departments to deliver customized training programs and assist with streamlining compliance reporting processes.

Leanne Sobel

Leanne Sobel

Director, Motor Fuels and Excise Tax Services


Leanne Sobel, J.D., has over 15 years of experience in legal tax matters. Her career focus includes federal and state tax and…

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