Sales Tax Direct Pay Compliance Services

Is your business leaving sales tax savings on the table? Weaver can help get it back and help reduce your company’s future sales tax payments.

Many states allow qualified taxpayers to obtain a direct pay permit, which empowers the taxpayer to pay tax directly to the state instead of vendors.

You may not be aware that your company qualifies for a direct pay permit. In Texas, for example, only about 900 companies hold active direct pay permits.

Direct pay permits offer several benefits:

  • Tax jurisdictions allow taxpayers to source purchases to the “use” location, which can save your company up to 2% in local taxes.
  • Using a direct pay permit to control the timing of sales tax payments helps your company minimize sales tax overpayments or underpayments.
  • Once a system is in place, direct pay can generate significant tax savings, and a well-designed process can improve a company’s overall purchasing process by providing granular reporting about the tax status of each item purchased.