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Weaver Through the Years

This year Weaver celebrates 70 years in business. Founded in 1950, we opened as a single office in Fort Worth, Texas. Since then, we’ve spread our roots coast to coast, serving clients nationwide and even across the…

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Solar panels

Services to Help Green Businesses Grow

Leaders of “green” (sustainable) businesses have chosen to do the hard things. To buck trends. To choose the path of innovation over an easier, more common road — because that’s where tomorrow’s biggest opportunities lie.

Whether you are inventing new carbon-capture technology, blending…

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Cybersecurity Service Sheet

To be effective, your organization’s cybersecurity program must provide an ongoing process that assesses risks, identifies threats, creates protections, monitors systems, and enables quick response and recovery. And that cybersecurity process must be embedded into the organization’s governance,…

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Stethoscope on Hearth Cardiogram

Valuation Services for the Health Care Industry

Weaver’s health care valuation professionals bring extensive experience in industry operations and transaction advisory services. As established thought leaders in the market, we deliver thorough and accurate valuations you can rely on, whether for compliance, financial reporting, tax purposes,…

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Improving Performance Service Sheet

Risk comes in all shapes and sizes. While it is essential to manage traditional forms of risk — from weak controls to noncompliance to fraud — organizations must not overlook a key business risk: performance. A mature risk management and compliance environment will naturally have a positive…

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Achieving and Maintaining Compliance Service Sheet

Many organizations view compliance as a regulatory necessity rather than a potential value-adding activity. But those with a strong compliance program know it can yield a variety of operational and business benefits, including increased efficiency and improved performance.

An effective…

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Enterprise Risk Management Service Sheet

As with broader governance efforts, Weaver approaches enterprise risk management (ERM) from the top down, with a focus on maturing the ERM posture over time. Addressing critical systems, technology, architecture and processes at the entity and process levels, we work to develop a true enterprise…

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Filing Cabinets

Family Law Forensic and Valuation Services

In divorce, the biggest hurdle may be ensuring that assets are divided fairly — which first requires an accurate inventory, valuation and consideration of future tax impacts. Weaver’s forensic and litigation professionals can help you resolve issues in all of these areas.

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