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Driven by Our Core Values

At Weaver, we are motivated by eight core values that drive every interaction with our clients and with each other. We asked our team to share their favorite core values and how they lead to a positive culture and extraordinary service delivery. 

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Weaver Inspire History

At Weaver, we are committed to building an environment of inclusion and connectivity through our Inspire program - what began as a women's initiative, now advocates for community and empowerment for all of our employees.

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Balance & Boundaries

Balance – feeling like your work and personal life are equally prioritized. Boundaries – setting limits to enable yourself to be fully present wherever you are.

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Belonging & Connectivity

We often talk about inclusion and its importance, but also important is belonging, the emotional outcome we hope each other feel as a result of our focus on inclusion.

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Working as a Partner

"If you’re hardworking and do your job well, you can grow.” Hear from several of our partners what it’s like to grow your career at Weaver.

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