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Magnifying glass & financial report

Financial Institutions Consulting Service Sheet

Weaver has established itself as a premier provider of advisory services to financial institutions. Our practice has grown to be among the top providers of internal audit, compliance, information systems and financial statement audit services. We perform services for financial institutions…

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Server room

Information Security Audit Service Sheet

Weaver’s information security assessments are custom-tailored to the needs of your business. Experienced, qualified auditors examine your organization’s security from multiple angles, including examinations of your network, applications, and information security management policies and…

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Map route marked with push pins

Tax Services for International Employees Service Sheet

Weaver can help make overseas assignments easier for employees and less costly for employers.

Relocating employees, either into or out of the United States, triggers a host of complex tax issues for both the company and the employee. Small details such as staying for a few extra days can…

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Oil pump rig

Joint Interest Audit Service Sheet

The capital-intensive nature of the oil and gas industry leads companies to take on partners and investors in various joint ventures to share cost and risk. During times of high prices and increasing production, companies and non-operator investors may have lacked the time or focus to audit…

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Private Client Services Service Sheet

The Private Client Services team at Weaver helps clients manage and preserve their personal wealth. Our clients can expect confidentiality, timely delivery of services, clear communication, accessibility, a depth of resources, a fiduciary mindset, a nonjudgmental perspective and dedication to…

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Community concept

Nonprofit Service Sheet

We have a dedicated practice focused on nonprofit and public sector entities across the state of Texas. It is one of the largest industry practices in the firm. Weaver provides services for more than 300 nonprofit organizations every year.

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Estate, Gift & Trust Service Sheet

Weaver Private Client Services can help you design long-range plans for the growth and protection of your wealth, while providing strategies and tactical assistance to manage the day-to-day challenges that accompany wealth. Within the Private Client Services group is our Estate, Gift and Trust…

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Weaver's Focus on Health Care

At Weaver, we are focused on providing high-quality financial and transactional services to companies and investors in the health care industry. As a full-service firm with a dedicated health care practice, we provide a range of services directly to health care companies as well as to investment…

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