How to Prepare, Prevent and Recover From a Ransomware Attack

After some very public ransomware attacks, many businesses are wondering how vulnerable they are. And the reality is, most of us are a target. Unfortunately, any organization that has critical data stored within its network is at risk of being a cybercrime victim. As ransomware becomes more common, every company should take steps to prepare, prevent and recover from a ransomware attack.

What’s Inside

  1. Explanation of the most common types of ransomware attacks
  2. Recommended steps you can take to reduce your risk of being attacked by ransomware
  3. Disaster recovery suggestions to help you recover more quickly, with less data and functionality lost, in case you are attacked

Why It Matters

As Colonial Pipeline discovered the hard way, a cyberattack can take your business down for days or weeks. Learn steps you can take to reduce your risks and make it easier to recover if you do suffer a ransomware attack.