Prepare for Transformation: Steps for Becoming a Public Company

With the prospect of raising capital and gaining access to many investors at once, the opportunities presented by an initial public offering (IPO) are exciting. With the right planning, your company can get the most out of this opportunity and experience a smooth registration process with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Careful planning can reduce both your costs and your anxiety.

What’s Inside

This white paper will walk you through the steps your company needs to follow to prepare for a successful IPO, beginning with questions to ask yourself:

  1. Have you assessed your governance?
  2. Does your finance department have the resources and capabilities to meet public company financial reporting requirements?
  3. Have you assessed internal controls over financial reporting (ICFRs) to prepare for Sarbanes-Oxley requirements?
  4. Have you carefully planned for the transition?
  5. Key considerations for IPO success
  6. SPAC considerations

Why It Matters

The secret to a successful IPO is to start early and work together across your whole organization. Successfully pursuing the opportunity to go public requires considerable evaluation, planning, compliance, effort and a company-wide willingness to change. The earlier you start down the path, the greater the odds that both the IPO and subsequent compliance efforts will be successful.


John Wauson

John Wauson

Partner-in-Charge, Risk Advisory Services


John Wauson, CPA, has 14 years of public accounting and risk advisory experience. With a dedication to client service, John…

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