Where Are We Going Next? Gaining Insights from Organizational Assessment - Webinar

People, processes and technology are the fundamental building blocks of all organizations. When outside events, including massive global pandemics, disrupt business, organizations become misaligned, or “out of whack” to put it plainly. An organizational or IT assessment can help you not only get your business back on track, but can also facilitate meaningful and sustainable change moving forward.

View our on-demand panel discussion webinar, Where Are We Going Next? Gaining Insights from Organizational Assessment. Our panelists from Weaver leverage their extensive organizational assessment knowledge and experience to answer your questions on issues including:

  • The purpose of organization assessment (OA) and the motivations
    that drive it
  • OA areas of focus
  • The key players to include in the process
  • Tools of the trade


  • Adam Jones, Strategic Governance Practice Leader for Weaver and Principal of Capitol Jones, LLC
  • Robert Neill, Weaver’s CIO Advisory Services Leader

Moderated by Alyssa Martin, Risk Advisory Services Partner and National Strategy Leader for Weaver.