Government Industry – CPE Days: Friday Afternoon - Ethics Training

Bringing together industry leaders, Weaver's 2021 CPE series provided insight on updated compliance requirements, new accounting standards, and guidance on best practices for today's government environment.

Our 2021 course topics on Friday, September 24, 2021 included:

Ethics for CPAs — It's a Matter of Choice

Although it’s easy to look at the headlines and wonder, “Why do good people do bad things?”, a more important question we should all be asking ourselves is if we faced similar circumstances, would we have made the same choices as the people in the headlines?

This course provided a look into ethical philosophies we all hold that guide our personal and professional lives and discussed the values upon which our choices are based. Ethical behavior is more than knowing what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s making the right choices for our profession and the organizations and customers we serve. The public looks to us as to maintain a standard of ethics and integrity and the Texas State Board holds us accountable for protecting the CPA brand, but are we meeting these obligations?

Course Objectives:

During this interactive and thought-provoking session participants had the opportunity to:

  • Explore the foundations and philosophies of ethics
  • Practice applying ethical judgment in making choices appropriate for the profession and the public
  • Understand the Texas State Board’s Rules of Professional Conduct and the core values of our profession
  • Identify the components of fraud and typical red flags
  • Determine improvement opportunities for protecting the brand

Session Topics:

  • Ethical Principles and Values
  • COVID Ethics Quiz
  • Global Integrity Study
  • Ethical Reasoning and Dilemmas
  • Overview of the TSBPA Rules and Responsibilities for Ethics
  • Current Fraud Statistics

Presenter: Deanna Sullivan, Sullivan Solutions