Online Retailers and E-commerce

Online retailers are free of storefront worries… but that doesn’t mean they don’t have concerns. With increasingly complex global supply chains, even the most advanced online retailers and e-commerce businesses face challenges in getting products to their customers. As they manage the transportation, warehousing and packaging of products, these businesses need to stay abreast of improvements in technology and cost management opportunities to keep up with the competition.

This highly competitive industry comes with additional complications related to the use of technology, including cybersecurity issues, PCI compliance and security, and inventory control. Furthermore, competition, price pressure, marketing and branding, and research and development challenge retailers whether their business is online or storefront.

How Weaver can help:

You need more than a traditional CPA firm and we have the consultants to assist you in achieving your goals. Our service commitment goes far beyond simply meeting your audit and assurance needs. Our consultants will help guide your company through the shifting landscape of IT advisory, tax, safety and environmental regulations to achieve greater efficiency and quality control.

Our services include:

In addition to these core services, we offer a breadth of support for online retailers and e-commerce companies with national and international operations.

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