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Explore Weaver's insights on the current health care deal volume decline and valuation.
Recent trends in financial performance & provider productivity show challenges facing medical groups related to practice margins. What does it mean for valuations?
In any health care segment, buyer concentration can have an effect on valuation pricing and is one of the key macro-dynamics that should be considered in a health care valuation analysis.
Get ahead of the curve by looking back at emerging trends in 2023 that are likely to impact health care valuation in 2024 and beyond. Download Weaver Insights now.
Changing Medicare populations, staffing shortages and other issues create challenges for valuations of home health care agencies.
In this episode of Weaver: Beyond the Numbers, our Forensics and Litigation Services professionals discuss asset tracing within matrimonial disputes. Tune in.
Considerations for current and future valuations of for-profit freestanding inpatient rehabilitation facilities.
Learn about the business valuation pros and cons of dividing up the ownership interest during a collaborative divorce approach.
In a Texas divorce, community property is divided between the two spouses, but separate property is retained by the spouse who owns it.
In a Texas divorce, identifying and dividing community property is one of the first steps in the process. Identifying marital property is often accomplished through the legal process of discovery. 
If you are going through a divorce, the division of property may be one of the most important concerns, second only to matters pertaining to children from the marriage.
Unfortunately, when business and personal lives are so intertwined, disagreements sometimes happen and family members decide to part ways. Here are valuation methods that apply when divvying up a marital estate that includes a family-owned business.