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To prepare for required reporting in 2025, the IRS released draft Form 1099-DA for Digital Asset Brokers to report digital proceeds to their customers and the IRS.
FASB will require entities to use fair value accounting for crypto assets and provide additional information about their crypto holdings beginning in 2025.
Weaver's webinar offers a deep dive into emerging tax topics around energy credits and incentives and the latest updates to tax laws impacting cryptocurrencies.
According to the ruling, the fair value of staking rewards should be recognized as taxable income as of the date and time the taxpayer gains dominion and control.
The law, which takes effect Sept. 1, 2023, offers greater clarity for Bitcoin mining companies that use stranded and flared natural gas to power their operations.
Join Weaver, The Texas Blockchain Council and Winstead for an insightful discussion about the latest updates and trends in the blockchain & digital assets industry.
In an effort to increase financial transparency, the FASB tentatively approved crypto assets to be separately disclosed from other intangible assets.
Recent cryptocurrency exchange failures were not caused by technological issues, but by a lack of structure in corporate governance and internal controls.
U.S. banking regulatory agencies (including the Federal Reserve, FDIC & OCC) released their first-ever joint statement on crypto-asset risks to banking organizations.
Companies must now account for cryptocurrency assets using fair value, according to a decision made by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).
Join Weaver's Tim Savage and Kevin Sanford, and Vector's Molly Yakubian as they review accounting and tax considerations for digital asset investment funds.
The demand for guidance on how firms should manage digital assets for accounting purposes continues to grow in tandem with the use and acceptance of crypto assets.