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Start exploring insights from across the industries we serve, featuring the latest industry trends, compliance alerts, tax and accounting news and much more.

The DOE has introduced a national definition of a zero emissions building, setting clear criteria for energy-efficient buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Discover how the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 boosts tax deductions for energy efficient commercial buildings with major incentives reaching up to $5 per sq. ft.
The housing shortage and affordability crisis have complicated U.S. real estate, but the prospect of suburban office-to-residential conversions could help.
The SF 49ers are celebrating a major win off the field: a 50% reduction in property tax for the next 30 years, which will save the team about $180 million.
The foreclosures may have significant tax consequences that catch many property owners off guard. Find out about steps for borrowers and lenders to reduce the pain.
As small-ticket properties rise in popularity, real estate investors look for opportunities for manageable ventures with the potential for stable and steady returns.
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are subject to a number of transfer pricing rules and, when applicable, to onerous penalties. Learn about the requirements.
The new credit transfer provision in the Inflation Reduction Act could provide a new opportunity for REITs to invest in properties with solar facilities.
Making improvements to a rental property may have tax implications for landlords and tenants. Find out more.
When determining gain on a sale of property, real estate investors need to consider the property's placed-in-service date and the start of the holding period.
Property owners involved in real estate development may face very different tax consequences depending on their status as an investor or a dealer.
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) eliminated a significant tax benefit for investors that are charged investment fund management fees.
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