Inspire - Our Women's Initiative

Empowering Women

“Inspire” means to fill (someone) with ability to do or feel something; to stimulate an action or motivate.

In public accounting, women currently make up 52% of entry-level positions nationally, but only approximately 20% make it to the partnership level. Studies show that a balanced gender mix enables better problem solving, ultimately leading to better performance. 

Inspire was launched in 2005 as a career development initiative designed not only to enhance recruitment and retention efforts, but also to promote, motivate and advance the careers of our female professionals to whatever level they aspire. 

Today, gender equality and opportunity continue to be a strategic priority for Weaver. Inspire is a firm-wide, year-round women’s initiative focused on attracting and retaining the next generation of female leaders through visibility, progression and advocacy.

While Inspire is a women’s initiative, we recognize that all employees face challenges with work-life integration. Because Inspire is an extension of the culture we promote throughout the firm, the program supports the needs of all of our employees, both men and women, by supporting professional development, networking opportunities and work-life integration in all parts of the firm. 

“Inspire provides a tool box of resources and initiatives available to those women who seek career success at Weaver.  It is not meant to make it easier or to encourage a sense of uniqueness due to gender.” - John Mackel, Managing Partner and CEO

Resources and Programs

As part of our strategic plan, we make content and resources available throughout the year, so people at every level can be inspired. Here are a few recent Inspire-sponsored programs:

  • Breakfast Fall Discussion Series – Our Houston Inspire group held a series of breakfasts open to all staff members. Various panels of Weaver directors and partners fielded questions related to work challenges, career advice, keys to success and work-life integration.
  • Finding the Courage to Rise to the Top – BAX Advisors Partner, Monica Blacker, shared strategies on how to rise to the top of your career and gave advice on how to help others be successful along the way.
  • Tabletop Discussions: Defining Success on Your Own Terms – In all Weaver regions, we convened in small group settings to discuss a range of topics from leadership and time management to networking and fostering positive ideas.

“Schedule flexibility makes it possible for me to leave and attend to my child’s needs when necessary, while still succeeding at work.” - Esther Wood, Audit Senior Manager

"My career timeline has morphed over time, but my goals have always been attainable with management’s help."
- VaLissa Padgett, Tax Senior Manager