Inspire: Weaver’s Inclusion Initiative

Equality and opportunity are strategic priorities at Weaver, which is why Weaver’s inclusion initiative — Inspire — is vital to our culture. Inspire is a firmwide, year-round initiative focused on attracting and retaining the next generation of leaders through visibility, progression and advocacy.

Inspire was launched in 2005 as a career development initiative designed to enhance recruitment and retention efforts, while also promoting, motivating and advancing the careers of our female professionals to whatever level they aspired. The voices heard through Inspire were instrumental in advocating for such programs as Weaver’s expanded maternity leave, paternity leave, relaxed dress code and flexible work arrangements.

We recognize that the workforce is more diverse than ever, and all employees face challenges that deserve a platform for discussion and support. So in 2018, the scope of Inspire evolved to become inclusive of all people at Weaver, regardless of gender. Through Inspire, we lift up our entire workforce with resources and programs that are as diverse as the people themselves.

Externally, we’ve taken a pledge to support more inclusive workplaces by joining CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™. The pledge outlines a specific set of actions Weaver will take to cultivate a trusting environment where all ideas are welcomed and employees feel comfortable and empowered to discuss topics surrounding diversity and inclusion.

Inspire is an extension of the culture we promote throughout the firm. The program supports the needs of all of our employees, both men and women, by supporting professional development, networking opportunities and work-life integration in all parts of the firm.

“Inspire provides a toolbox of resources and initiatives available to any employee who seeks career success at Weaver.”
- John Mackel, CEO & Managing Partner

"Diversity is more than just the predefined HR terms of gender, ethnicity and orientation. It allows us to be
multi-dimensional in our work and lives."
- Neha Patel, IT Advisory Services
Partner-in-Charge & Inspire Chair