Giving Back: A Look Inside the Weaver Private Foundation - S.H.A.R.E.

Weaver Private Foundation is dedicated to creating a relationship between our employees and the communities in which we work and live. At Weaver, we encourage and enable our employees to drive positive change in local communities by giving them the opportunity to apply for contributions to an organization in which they are involved.

In spring 2018, the Foundation donated $19,500 to 19 different organizations in support of our employees and their community involvement efforts. Weaver’s Audit Senior Manager, James Jones, nominated Sharing Hands: A Respite Experience (SHARE). SHARE partners with all members of families where there are children with special needs, supporting their efforts to establish and maintain strong and successful families.

"SHARE is a great organization that has a very positive impact on the community here in Midland. They are very active in helping families that have children with special needs," James shares. "Their approach is unique in that their goal is to help the whole family in their journey. They offer respite care for the children, as well as sibling and parent support."

SHARE’s services focus on three main areas:

  • Respite care where in-home care is offered to its families
  • Sibling support for brothers and sisters of children with disabilities
  • Parent support for those parents who have children with special needs

The organization is working to create a world where parents who have special needs have access to supportive programs that enable families to experience the joy of their journey.

"I love their unique approach. Providing support to the parents and siblings, as well as to those with special needs, really sets this organization apart as one that can think differently about how to help and lift others," says James.

Learn more about SHARE.’s programs and community impact. Follow Weaver on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on our team members involved in the community.

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