Globetrotters: Lisa Explores Houston

This spring Weaver had four visiting staff members participate in the Weaver Secondment Program. See what Lisa Malcolm from Pitcher Partners had to say about her experience at Weaver and in the United States.

Name: Lisa Malcolm
Position: Senior Associate I, Houston
Dates: January – April 2017
Local Firm: Pitcher Partners (Melbourne, Australia)

What were the objectives of the secondment?

The main objective of my secondment was to immerse myself in an entirely different city and culture from what I’m accustomed to in Australia. The opportunity to gain exposure to new industries, clients and fellow auditors on the other side of the world was too great to turn down.

Briefly detail your secondment experience.

While at Weaver I predominately worked with oil and gas clients, which offered a new challenge given that I had no exposure to this industry in Australia. Everyone at Weaver was unbelievably friendly and welcomed us to the Weaver family without hesitation. The city of Houston exceeded our expectations on all levels, from the endless restaurant and bar scene, to the rodeo and Superbowl events taking over the city. Houston is also a great base for visiting other parts of the South. We took weekend trips to New Orleans, Austin and Arizona. 

What have you learned as a result of the secondment experience?

The secondment experience has shown me that auditing is relatively consistent wherever you are in the world, but there are always different industries, auditing methodologies and accounting frameworks to maintain a challenging environment. Houstonians are extremely hospitable people, and I would highly recommend Texas as a destination to visit. 

What was something that surprised you about the local culture?

Not everyone wears cowboy boots and cowboy hats. I still did. Sunday brunches involve bottomless mimosas. It’s genius!

What was a challenge you had to overcome while being in Houston?

Driving on hectic, multi-level freeways on the wrong side of the road and on the wrong side of the car. Going out for lunch every day (and trying not to gain weight). Eating lunch at 11am. Answering the same “Where are you from?” question daily. Humidity ruining hair. And of course, bars not selling wine.

Did you pick up a local phrase or habit while here? 

Hey y’all!

Name a favorite experience from the trip. 

I can’t pick just one - the Houston Rodeo BBQ cook-off, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, SXSW in Austin, Superbowl in Houston and of course the weekly Sunday bottomless mimosa brunches!