The Making of Weaver's Core Values

Our core values drive virtually everything we do here at Weaver — the way we work, the way we operate and the way we serve our clients — and they have since they were originally authored in the early 2000s. In spring 2017, Weaver’s culture committee wondered, however, if they’d kept up with the evolution of the firm.

“It’s been about 15 years since we formed our core values, and in those 15 years the firm’s changed a lot,” says Brian Thomas, ITAS partner-in-charge and culture committee chair. “We wanted to review our existing values and make sure they’re reflective of where our firm is today and where the firm is headed.”

To gather as many perspectives as possible, we formed a core values committee comprised of people from all parts of the firm. The committee’s mission was to perform an in-depth review of existing values and consider what our values would look like if they were updated, given the people and culture at Weaver today.

“We asked people from different departments and different levels to be representatives on the core values committee; we wanted diversity in the group so we could benefit from a variety of viewpoints,” said Neha Patel, ITAS partner, culture committee member and leader of the firm’s Inspire initiative. “From start to finish, the entire refresh project was the culmination of thoughts from more than 30 people across the firm. It was truly a collaborative effort.”

During the session, many new ideas emerged, as well as many of the same themes that existed in our original core values. This told us that, although Weaver has evolved, the firm has also retained its same vibrant culture over the years. A large part of the refresh task was to synthesize these ideas and bring the core themes to life.

“The values refresh has been an invaluable process — and, very interesting for everyone involved,” says John Mackel, Weaver’s CEO and managing partner. “Our refreshed values are really resonating with people, which is so important because the values drive how we treat each other at work, how we serve clients and how we work together every day. They really are what drive Weaver to be a great place.” 

When asked how our core values tie to our culture, David Rook, Weaver’s assurance COO, says, “Our core values are our culture. When prospective clients come to Weaver, they ask questions like, ‘can I work with that firm, does that firm have integrity, will they deliver, are they committed to us as a company?’ I believe our clients hire us for our core values.”

Learn more about Weaver’s refreshed values, and take a behind-the-scenes look at the process we took to get to our final refreshed list of values.

John Mackel

John Mackel

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner


John Mackel, CPA, has over 25 years of experience in public accounting and currently serves as Weaver’s managing partner and…

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