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Oil & Gas CPE


Join Weaver for the 2022 Energy Oil & Gas Webinar Series. Our line-up includes the latest accounting and tax updates as well as insights around ESG reporting and cybersecurity. Our industry leaders will also cover practical approaches to your state and local taxes in addition to joint interest and joint billing audit considerations.

This webinar will provide up to 8 hours of CPE credit and includes a variety of topics that are significant to the growth and development of your organization.

Day 1 — February 16th

Tax Reform and Planning Update

What tax planning strategies should you consider? How does tax planning affect your business and you individually? Tune in and hear from our presenters on what’s staying the same, what could change and the tax planning strategies for 2021 and 2022.

During this on-demand webinar, we cover:

  • Individual tax considerations
  • Business tax considerations
  • Planning strategies

Meet the speakers:


Ransomware Post-Colonial Pipeline: Five Steps You Should Have Discussed With Your Board

In an almost numbing and normalizing fashion, we see ransomware continuing to make news. While the attacks are described with new language, the tactics and techniques utilized are very similar. Consider the loss of others a free assessment for your organization to learn from those mistakes.

We cover the following:

  • What is ransomware?
  • What risk does it pose to your organization?
  • What helps?
  • What doesn’t help?
  • Your first questions to assess your own organization’s approach to mitigating ransomware!

By the end of the on-demand webinar, you should be able to:

  • Identify risks related to ransomware and begin to evaluate impact to your organization
  • Review key mitigation practices for ransomware attacks
  • Leverage free, vetted resources for conducting a deeper assessment on ransomware protection and mitigation practices within your organization

Meet the speakers:

  • Trip Hillman, Director, Cybersecurity Services
  • Kyle Morris, Senior Manager, IT Advisory Services


Joint Interest Billing and Outsources Services Can Fill in the GAAPs

From leading the audit to being on the receiving end, there are many considerations in the process as well as common exceptions. As JIB audits begin to ramp up, do you know your rights and what pitfalls to avoid? Join Weaver for an educational on-deamnd webinar to learn more about the ins and outs of a JIB audit.

Our presenters cover the following:

  • Understanding the relationship between operators and non-operators and the applicable governing documents
  • Key considerations and best practices in preparation of a JIB audit
  • Outsourced services can provide solutions to your problems

Meet the speakers:


GAAP & FASB Update

View our on-demand webinar and stay up to date on the latest reporting requirements for year-end reporting and overview of recently issued standards. This session will cover accounting and auditing standards effective for 2021 reporting and new standards issued during 2021.

Topics covered:

  • Recent accounting pronouncements
  • Auditing standards update
  • Overview of accounting considerations for cryptocurrency

Meet the speaker:


Day 2 — February 17th

Motor Fuels Taxes, What You Need to Know

Join Weaver’s tax professional for a discussion and overview of motor fuels tax. This on-demand webinar will cover a variety of topics surrounding points of taxation, IRS terminals and the overall impact of motor fuels tax.

Topics include:

  • Midstream at a glance
  • Modes of transportation
  • Federal points of taxation
  • Terminals
  • Registration requirements
  • ExSTARS inventory reporting

Meet the speaker:


ESG Regulatory Update and Leading Practices for ESG Reporting

Join our on-demand webinar to gain insight on ESG reporting, sustainability and trends that can help support the development of your organization. Our presenter talks through the basics of reporting standards, as well as a regulatory update including considerations and statements made by the SEC.

Our session covers:

  • ESG 2022 regulatory update
  • ESG reporting trends and common disclosures
  • Sustainability and ESG reporting framework trends expected in 2022
  • Leading oil and gas reporting practices for 2022

Meet the speaker:


SALT Taxes for the Oil & Gas Industry: Property Tax / Sales and Use Tax

Gain insight on state and local taxes that you need to consider for your energy organizations as well as an overview on property tax, sales tax and exemptions. Weaver’s SALT professionals discuss all this and more.

Our on-demand session also includes:

  • Property tax compliance
  • Property tax valuation and appeals
  • Potential appeal opportunities in 2022
  • Oil & gas

Meet the speakers:


Vendor and Procurement Fraud in the Midstream Oil & Gas Industry

Are you a victim of vendor fraud? How can you tell? Find this and so much more out by joining our on-demand webinar on vendor and procurement fraud. During this webinar, we will introduce you to fraud, the red flags of to look for, and what to do if you discover fraud.

Topics include:

  • Vendor fraud in the midstream oil & gas industry
  • The fraud triangle and fraud statistics
  • Red flags for vendor fraud
  • Vendor fraud prevention

Meet the speakers:

  • Helga Zauner, Managing Director, Forensics and Litigation Services
  • Benjamin Mao, Manager, Forensics and Litigation Services




Helga Zauner

Helga Zauner

Managing Director, Forensics and Litigation Services


Helga A. Zauner, CVA, CFE, MAFF, is a testifying expert witness with 27 years of experience in litigation consulting, financial…

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