Podcast: Capital Expenditures, Entity Structure, and 199A - What Energy Companies Need to Know About Tax Reform

This podcast was recorded in January 2019.

On today’s episode of “Weaver: Beyond the Numbers,” Partner Rob Myatt explains how tax reform is affecting the energy industry. It’s an important topic with never-ending changes in the last few years, beginning with the Brady Bill and culminating in the 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act. It’s a true tax cut overall, but whether it helps or hurts an individual case depends on each specific tax situation.

Because most energy companies are structured as partnerships, tax reform didn’t do a lot to benefit the industry, but it didn’t have too many negative impacts, either — and there are trickle-down benefits. The impacts mostly emerge from lower tax rates, the 199A deduction, and a new rule allowing 100% expensing of capital expenditures. Click the link above to listen. 

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Rob Myatt

Rob Myatt

Partner-in-Charge, North Region Tax Services


Rob Myatt, CPA, has a decade of public accounting experience with a practice concentration in consulting and compliance for…

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