The ESOP Podcast: TXCEO - Building a State Center

But really, how did the Texas Center for Employee Ownership become established?

On this episode of The ESOP Podcast, TXCEO – Building a State Center, host Bret Keisling sits down with two founding co-chairs of the Texas Center for Employee Ownership, Weaver’s Jennifer Krieger and EOX’s Steve Storkan, to discuss the creation of TXCEO, what it takes to build a state center, opportunities for employee owners and more.

The primary focus of state centers, put simply, is to promote all forms of employee ownership. Passionate employee ownership (EO) ambassadors are key to successful state center promotion. But, how does one find the “right” state and EO ambassadors to create a state center?

Storkan introduces the Pennsylvania Center’s model used to identify the state and EO ambassadors. Steve mentions that “[…] Pennsylvania is a hotbed for employee ownership, service providers, or ESOP service providers,” and this built-in community support serves as the strong foundation to build a state center.

The extensive time and duties involved cannot be ignored when building a center dedicated to employee ownership. Developing the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOPs) center in Texas, Jennifer Krieger and Steve Storkan discuss their passion for employee ownership that makes the commitment worthwhile.

Krieger emphasizes “the per capita basis for ESOPs [in Texas] as they’re representative of the populations is much lower than in other states.” As passionate advocates, Jennifer Krieger and Steve Storkan look beyond the time investment to change lives through employee ownership.

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