Podcast: Key Considerations for Asset Managers

Acquiring and Developing Human Capital

Key Points:

  • Developing and recognizing employees is critical to ensuring a company can meet its goals
  • Firms can achieve balance and financial success by developing human potential differently
  • Companies need to define roles, identify trends, and assess employee satisfaction to keep employees motivated and engaged


On this episode of Weaver: Beyond the Numbers, host Becky Reeder, Partner-In-Charge, Alternative Investment Services at Weaver, speaks with Paul Olschwanger, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Wendell Rhoads Consulting about the significance of developing human capital to meet an organization’s demands.

With over 30 years of experience in the asset management industry, Olschwanger’s knowledge lies in helping firms achieve balance and financial success by developing human potential differently. He also helps with recruiting and coaching to help individuals and small teams thrive. The conversation opens with the inspiration behind the company’s name – Wendell Rhoads Consulting.

“Six years ago, I watched the show Billions. The first episode really caught my attention and it really hit to the essence of my puzzle, my career in terms of helping other people figure things out to be their best – whether it’s individually or the way they impact others as a leader,” said Olschwanger.

He connected with the character Wendy Rhoads, who helped individuals achieve the success they were capable of while recognizing their value whenever possible. It was then that he knew he would one day name his company after the character. So, what exactly does Olschwanger do, and how does it help? He likes to explain it this way:

“I’m a little bit like an eye doctor. At some point in time, we may not have 20/20 vision. We have to recognize that, we have to care about it, and we have to go do something about it,” Olschwanger explained. “When it’s a vision issue, we go to the eye doctor where the problem is diagnosed and treated.”

“Now, our vision is better. Now, we’re seeing things we didn’t see before. And that’s the analogy I use with people. You’re probably not seeing everything but you’ve got to take that step to do something about it and let me be that person who can help you. At the end of the day, you can get 100% credit for it. I’ll be in the corner clapping for you,” Olschwanger said.

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