Podcast: Maximizing Tax Benefits in Real Estate: Cost Segregation Insights

Location Cubed

Rafael Ferrales, a managing director in Weaver's fixed asset advisory practice, joins Howard Altshuler and Aaron Grisz on Weaver: Beyond the Numbers: Location Cubed to look into the intricacies of cost segregation in real estate and discuss its benefits for property owners and investors.

Key Points:

  • Utilize cost segregation for immediate tax savings on property investments
  • Employ an engineered approach for accurate tax classification of property components
  • Consider property hold periods to maximize cost segregation benefits


The discussion centers around cost segregation, a tax strategy that accelerates depreciation deductions, reduces taxable income and enhances cash tax savings. Rafael brings insights from his engineering background and explains the significance of an engineered approach in accurately classifying property components for tax purposes. Rafael regularly consults with clients on tangible property capitalization issues and helps with the challenges and issues that arise in capital intensive industries.

“By accelerating those deductions, you reduce your taxable income, and you have cash tax savings. So it's a really basic cash tax savings play,” said Rafael. “But the methodology that goes into actually doing a cost seg—that's where some of the magic happens.”

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