Preparing to Go Public? Planning for the Journey Ahead


For companies considering going public, making the right critical decisions can mean the difference between ringing the opening bell and experiencing costly delays or even failing to launch. Even newly public companies can experience challenges in the early stages of their journey. Having the right resources is instrumental in your success!

At Weaver, we strive to help our clients prepare for their journey to going public. Properly preparing for external accounting scrutiny is a process that can take a year or even two or three years, which is why preparing early is a must.

Virtual Event Series
Resources for Going Public

Planning for the Journey Ahead Virtual Event Series

Join Weaver for an informative event series, Planning for the Journey Ahead, in which we focus on the key elements of taking high-growth companies public. Each week, our presenters and guest speakers will walk through the strategic considerations and steps required for going public while identifying opportunities and pitfalls to consider at every stage.

Whether a company is preparing to go public, or a newly-public company, it is imperative to have the right operational foundations in place. Join us for these informative discussions among professionals and industry leaders who can help you understand what to expect and walk you through the process to building a publicly fit infrastructure. Download the series key points.

On-Demand Sessions:

Session 1: Entering the Market: Strategic Considerations for Going Public

IPO, SPAC, Direct Listing, or Reverse Merger: What are the pros and cons of different options for going public? We discuss at the cost and timeline associated with each option, as well as registration statement types and financial statement requirements.

Session 2: Building a Public Company Infrastructure: The Foundation

From building the right team to developing processes and controls, establishing a strong public company infrastructure begins with strategic planning and an understanding of the basics.

Session 3: Building a Public Company Infrastructure: Accounting and Financial Reporting Needs

Going from a private to public company means entering a new world of accounting standards as well as additional financial reporting and audit requirements. Accurate and timely financials are a cornerstone to moving your organization to the next level and being compliant with onerous SEC reporting rules.

Session 4: Building a Public Company Infrastructure: Governance, Legal & Regulatory Requirements

Financial and accounting issues aren’t the only matters to consider as you build a public company infrastructure. Going public will increase your company’s visibility and require a transformation of processes around governance as well as strong understanding of the tax, legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

Session 5: Going Public: What I Wish I Had Known! Anomalies, Surprises and Lessons Learned from the Inside

The journey to going public is unique for every organization; often times including one-off situations and “other considerations” specific to your company. If you are considering taking your company public, this is an opportunity to gain first-hand insight and lessons learned from others who have successfully made the journey.

Resources for Going Public

Additional reference articles, on-demand content, and insights are provided to help you on the journey to taking your company public. Please contact our Weaver Professionals if you would like to discuss your situation and current goals. We are here to help you understand what to expect and walk you through the process to building a publicly fit infrastructure.

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