How to Mitigate Supply Chain Disruptions During COVID-19

Weaver’s partner of assurance services, Tom Massimi, contributed to Construction Best Practices and outlined ways that construction firms can limit supply chain disruptions:

  • Maintaining service in the face of the uncertainty created by COVID-19 has challenged many construction businesses over the past several months. Emerging supply chain disruptions have caused a renewed focus on potential increased costs and backlogs in deliveries that will impact the scope of work both in profitability and completion times.
  • COVID-19 has begun to cause delays from suppliers overseas in areas severely impacted with restrictions that have impacted lighting, steel, equipment, plumbing and other fixtures. International and domestic suppliers are finding it difficult to navigate local ordinances and quantify the effects of the economic impact with unpredictable demand.

To read Tom’s article on Construction Best Practices, click here

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Tom Massimi

Tom Massimi

Partner and Fort Worth Assurance Leader


Tom Massimi, CPA, has more than 12 years of experience leading audit, review and consulting services for both public and private…

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