Anti-Corruption Risk Assessments and Investigations Services

Because enforcement is on the rise both in the United States and globally, we assist organizations with identifying and mitigating potential corporate corruption risks through risk assessments and independent investigations. Weaver professionals have extensive experience inspecting books and records, analyzing e-mail correspondence, and conducting interviews to identify red flags of potential non-compliance with corporate policies and relevant anti-corruption laws.

Global Anti-Corruption Enforcement & Corporate Corruption Risks

In the current complex regulatory environment, companies and individuals could be liable for failures to implement appropriate internal accounting controls or to fairly represent payments in accounting records. Companies could have responsibility for actions of third parties conducting business on their behalf, including by agents, subsidiaries and joint ventures. Unlike traditional financial statement audits, no materiality threshold is required; any transaction, even one of low amounts, can create out-of-compliance situations with anti-corruption laws.

Our Services Include:

Anti-Corruption Risk Assessments: We conduct a risk assessment of your organization's compliance program to identify potential areas of corporate corruption risk and provide recommendations to address the issues identified.

Regulatory Compliance Gap Analysis: We conduct regulatory compliance gap analysis to assess your organization's compliance with applicable laws and regulations, identifying and providing recommendations to mitigate areas of non-compliance.

Anti-Corruption Investigations: We have many years of collective experience conducting investigations domestically and globally to identify potential violations of anti-corruption laws and regulations, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act. We identify root causes and provide recommendations for remediation.

With extensive experience conducting discreet and effective anti-corruption investigations domestically and internationally working with companies of all sizes and in a broad range of industries, we stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory developments for you – freeing up your time to focus on the business of your business.

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Sasha Gartman

Sasha Gartman

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