Asset Management Internal Audit and Consulting Services

Weaver’s internal audit and consulting services for asset managers and investment advisers are tailored to the specific needs of this unique business – from ad hoc projects to fully outsourced solutions. While aiming for organizational strength and comprehensive risk management, we have experience conducting risk assessments, building audit plans, executing control and advisory reviews and developing audit analytics/continuous monitoring for portfolio management, trading, operations, ESG, compliance and distribution. Our internal audit and consulting services offer a proactive approach to address potential vulnerabilities that align your business with responsible investment strategies.

Weaver’s Internal Audit Capabilities

Our team of experienced professionals excel in identifying and mitigating risks across mutual funds, ETFs, pension funds, private funds and other investment vehicles. We design strategic audit plans to ensure comprehensive coverage and effective risk management, and our meticulous approach includes thorough control and advisory reviews. With cutting-edge technologies, our audit analytics and continuous monitoring solutions for portfolio management, trading, operations, ESG, compliance and distribution offer capabilities across the asset management lifecycle.

Consulting Services for Asset Management

Weaver’s consulting services work toward the safeguarding of your business by supporting asset managers and investment advisers with risk management solutions. Through comprehensive third-party risk management services that assist in the selection of reliable partners and ESG assessments for investment portfolios, our approach helps your business meet evolving market demands. Advanced strategies for fraud detection and prevention are at your disposal to effectively protect your assets, while business transformation solutions allow your organization to embrace change and drive growth. Weaver is uniquely positioned to walk beside your team and create pathways for efficiency with our specialized approach to consulting.