Cybersecurity Awareness Month


Cybersecurity Month

Cyber risks are scary and can cause significant damage to your operations and finances as well as your reputation. Don’t be spooked by these threats, learn how to fight them!

This month, Weaver’s IT Advisory Services team turns the spotlight on three areas that are top of mind with our clients: 1) Communicating with the Board on IT and cyber issues, 2) Protecting your email and identity, and 3) Handling ransomware risks and exposure. We welcome you to contact us directly.



Five Questions Board of Directors Should Ask at Their Next Q3 Board Meeting

The following five questions should serve as a guide for your upcoming Q3 2020 board meeting, helping you convey preparedness and confidence regarding what lies ahead. Read More


Five Questions Board of Directors Should Ask at Their Next Q2 Board Meeting as a New Normal Dawns

Weaver has compiled further board member insights with this uncertain period in mind, with an overall goal of preparing boards across the nation to ask the right questions and develop robust plans of action in response to those key areas of concern. Read More


Five Key Questions for Board Meetings

As public companies conduct spring board meetings, no topic looms larger than the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and how it is transforming the global economy. The way your organization’s leadership navigates this period of change is likely to determine its overall health once things settle into the “new normal.” Read More


Podcast: COVID-19 Happened – Where Did Your Data Go?

As the world moves forward with what’s likely to be a new normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, host Tyler Kern is joined by Weaver’s Trip Hillman and Robert Neill to find out how this unprecedented period impacts data collection, security and analysis. Read More


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Today’s Top Business Risks and Steps to Mitigate Them

When the coronavirus pandemic upended normal business operations, businesses acted quickly to maintain operations and implement safeguards against health risks. IT departments moved from strategically planning to a mindset of just “get it done.” With the velocity and volume of changes, controls and security may not previously have been top of mind. Read More


Monitoring and Updating IT Security and Controls in the Wake of COVID-19

Early on in the pandemic, as offices cleared out and employees began working remotely, IT departments deployed tens, hundreds or even thousands of new worksites, often in a matter of days. New technology equipment and software was purchased and deployed as quickly as possible. Microsoft TEAMS, Slack, Zoom and company-provisioned cloud storage were among the most popular new tools “spun up” to meet the immediate needs of employees and client. Read More


Staying out of the Headlines: Takeaways from the 2020 DBIR Report

The 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report is here! Verizon produces this annual report, DBIR for short, to identify trends in known incidents and data breaches over the past year. The 2020 report analyzed 157,525 reported incidents and 3,950 confirmed data breaches across many different industries. While no business wants to be the subject of a story like this, we can all learn and take immediate action based on the experiences described in the report. Read More


Switching to Remote Sign-off and Approvals? Don’t Overlook These Key Considerations

Whether an organization has decided to leverage technology to perform review and approval controls or it just makes sense because more employees are working remotely, control owners should take these considerations into account when switching to electronic media for review and approval controls. Read More


A Roadmap to PCI DSS Compliance

Perhaps your sales team has told you that the product or service you are selling now has to be PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. Or your credit card processor has informed your organization that you need be PCI compliant. You’ve heard pursuing PCI compliance is full of headaches. As you flip through the PCI DSS (Data Security Standard), you find that the requirements your company may have to meet seem overwhelming. Does this sound familiar? Read More


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Ransomware Threatens to Hold Health Care Companies Hostage

One the fastest growing cybercrimes out there, ransomware hits the health care industry particularly hard because in many cases it can be a matter of life and death. If health care workers cannot access medical records, their ability to treat patients is severely impacted. Read More


Making Privacy a Priority: New Framework Helps Companies Develop and Implement Privacy Strategies

It’s no secret that privacy is on the minds of consumers now more than ever. As more businesses gather and mine information about their customers, new requirements address the collection, management, storage, and protection of personal data. Read More


COVID 19: Keeping IT Controls and Security Awareness Top of Mind for Peace of Mind

Never let a crisis go to waste could be the new mantra of hackers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Of course, bad actors with bad intentions would take advantage of and prey on the fears of the world. Read More


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Cyber Do's and Don'ts