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With their knowledge of such topics as tax energy credits and incentives, energy consulting and transaction structuring, our professionals from diverse practice areas advise developers and investors, among others, to help identify potential tax credits and other opportunities.

The federal government’s monumental $369 billion in spending and tax credits pursuant to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is as energy transformative as it is a game changer for developers, investors, project financing and transaction structuring, just to name a few of the areas experiencing the greatest impact. Production and investment tax credits may be available for existing renewable sources and emerging zero-emissions energy sources, biomass, renewable natural gas, energy storage, clean hydrogen, and carbon capture technologies, among others.  

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With our deep energy industry knowledge and diverse service offerings, our team has the comprehensive experience you need to identify potential tax incentives and benefits from other opportunities.

Contact us about IRA tax credits, energy project structuring, energy compliance services and other opportunities in dynamic areas including:

  • Existing renewable energy technology
  • Emerging zero-emissions energy sources
  • New incentives for renewable energy projects
  • New incentives for production of clean fuels
  • New incentives for clean hydrogen
  • Carbon capture technology
  • Bonus credit amounts conditioned upon certain labor requirements
  • Bonus credit amounts conditioned on project location
  • Monetization of certain tax credits
  • Qualified Advanced Energy Projects and application process
  • Domestic manufacturing of energy components
  • Domestic content requirements

Stay tuned for upcoming podcasts, webinars and articles covering this dynamic and valuable space of energy tax credits including the most frequently asked questions in this area, analysis of continuing to be published IRS and Administrative guidance.

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