Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual property (IP) disputes, whether around trademark, patent, or copyright issues, are as complex as they are expensive to litigate. Weaver’s professionals are well versed in the determination, evaluation, and presentation of damages involving IP, including the assessment of reasonable royalties, lost profits, unjust enrichment, and disgorgement.

Full Spectrum of IP Disputes Services

Weaver’s team of experienced professionals has been entrusted by law firms, companies of all sizes, individuals and inventors to provide independent expert opinions and analyses for IP matters. Our engagements have included IP disputes involving patent, trademark and copyright infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.

The size of recoverable damages in IP disputes is often a determining factor when deciding when to bring, defend or settle a litigation. Valuing and/or determining damages for IP disputes can be complex, particularly for matters that are pre-litigation, involve limited fact discovery, or have multi-component products.

Experienced Experts That Create Efficiencies for Our Clients

Our Forensics and Litigation Services team professionals have decades of combined experience assisting clients with navigating the financial, economic, and damages-related legal complexities of IP engagements. We create easily understandable facts, figures, and damages assessments from complex data sets, industries and technologies.

In addition to having this highly specialized knowledge in the IP disputes space, Weaver’s professionals have experience in a wide variety of disciplines and industries. Most have advanced degrees and certifications in areas such as accounting (CPA), valuation (ASA, CVA), financial forensics (CFF, MAFF), and fraud investigation (CFE). This depth of talent allows us to assemble a qualified team to address the most complex issues effectively and efficiently. Our professionals pride themselves in the accurate, thorough, and disciplined nature of their work, which translates to getting clients the analyses they need in as short a timeframe as possible.

Our Intellectual Property Services Include: 

  • Pre-litigation damages analyses to assist in capital raising
  • Financial analyses to aid in settlement and licensing negotiations
  • Preparing discovery requests, including damages-related Interrogatories and Requests for Production
  • Identifying, obtaining and organizing relevant discovery material and information
  • Developing expert reports and preparing rigorous damages models and analyses
  • Rebutting opposing expert reports, including evaluating and critiquing allocation or apportionment methodologies
  • Providing expert witness testimony at hearings, depositions, and trials
  • Preparing demonstrative exhibits to assist the judge and/or jury at hearings and trials understand otherwise overly complex reams of information
  • Assisting with deposition and cross-examination of Federal Rule 30(b)(6) and opposing expert witnesses
  • Calculating pre-judgment and post-judgment interest

Forensics and Litigation Thought Leadership

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