Investigations for Court-Appointed Professionals and Bankruptcy Counsel

When a court-appointed receiver or a bankruptcy trustee is responsible for managing, liquidating or taking possession of assets, investigating potential fraud or performing other duties on behalf of the court, Weaver’s highly experienced team of investigators assists these court-appointed professionals. 

Uncovering Financial Wrongdoing in the U.S. and Offshore

Our team of CFEs conducts asset-tracing (domestic and international) and investigations to determine any financial wrongdoing and the extent of it by the subject companies’ executives and personnel. This includes investigative work to assist in judgment enforcement stemming from bankruptcies and developing information to be used to assist in preference actions or other lawsuits to bring value to the estate.

Additionally, Weaver’s experienced professionals conduct interviews and research to ascertain vital evidence and help receivers and trustees track down real estate property, intellectual property assets, financial accounts and other value for the benefit of the receivership or bankruptcy estate. Working for receivers and trustees in many jurisdictions including Texas and New York, the team has located valuable hidden assets while identifying significant fraudulent transfers throughout the U.S. and offshore.

Our Services Include:

  • Asset tracing investigations for judgment enforcement purposes
  • Investigations on behalf of court-appointed receivers
  • Investigations on behalf of bankruptcy counsel


Our Success Stories

Weaver’s Asset-Tracing Specialists Untangle Web of Shell Companies

Weaver’s investigators were engaged by counsel to the unsecured creditors committee in the Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of New York. The bankruptcy debtor was a hedge fund invested heavily in residential property. Weaver’s team members were tasked with untangling the web of shell companies and single-purpose vehicles set up by the hedge fund managers to hide valuable real property assets from creditors. Weaver’s asset-tracing specialists were able to locate millions of dollars of hidden assets offshore and in the U.S. and identified significant fraudulent transfers which led to additional lawsuits against the perpetrators of the scheme.

Forensic Review Leads Weaver’s Team to Secreted Assets

Weaver’s FLS team members have also worked on behalf of court-appointed receivers, uncovering secreted assets and developing evidence crucial to follow-on lawsuits. In one instance, Weaver’s investigators conducted a forensic review of the bank records of the company in receivership, determined that it had been receiving substantial income from online applications it had created and worked with counsel to ensure that those funds flowed to the receivership estate.


Forensics and Litigation Thought Leadership

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