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Weaver’s IT Advisory Services group has performed IV&V services for many organizations in both the public and private sectors. Weaver’s IV&V services methodology is rooted in the industry-accepted best practices within the COBIT 2019 framework.

In today’s tech-driven world, where data breaches regularly break into headlines, every organization should have a cyber incident response plan. Unfortunately, too many organizations fail to create — and practice — such plans. They may be seen as too costly, too time-consuming, or nonessential, but the ability to quickly and efficiently respond to a data breach is a lifeline no organization should go without.

Cyber security incidents, commonly known as data or security breaches, are events that compromise the integrity of an organization’s information assets, whether their own data or that of their customers, or disrupt its business operations. An effective incident response plan can’t prevent a data breach, but it can prepare the organization to respond. Required or not, every organization should make a cyber incident response plan part of its emergency preparedness.


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