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Leading your organization through unexpected challenges requires both preparation and flexibility. What does resilience and recovery mean to you? At Weaver, we believe resiliency is defined by giving your organization the strength to respond in times of economic uncertainty. While, recovery provides opportunities to reduce costs, achieve financial and operational efficiencies, more effectively manage risks, and improve your organization overall as our economy adjusts.

The resources and information on this page can assist you in taking action and thriving as your organization adapts and responds now and in the future.

We Are Here to Help.

When you’re facing challenges, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Here are some ideas for strengthening your organization, identifying cost savings and finding new sources of revenue. Explore these services and contact us to find out how we can help you come through the storm and emerge stronger than ever.

Resilience and Recovery Thought Leadership

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Our Resilience Services Include:

  • Process and workforce optimization --- If you’re facing difficult choices, how can you reduce your workforce without cutting off your future? Our risk advisory professionals can help you reduce expenses without creating security and legal exposures.
  • Technological resources and cybersecurity --- Do you have the staffing and infrastructure to manage growth, sudden changes like remote workforces, and rapidly evolving cyber threats?
  • Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Services --- Governance, social issues and environmental policies affect more than compliance. They can affect your ability to operate in other countries, your workforce risks, and both financial and reputational costs.
  • Preparing for supply chain disruption --- Along with managing debt and monitoring cash flow, manufacturers need to prepare for breakdowns in both domestic and international supply chains. Weaver can help you identify critical risks and prepare back-up plans so you can keep production moving.
  • Planning for business continuity --- Going far beyond disaster preparedness, business continuity planning looks at issues of infrastructure, workforce, technology, supply chains, information systems and more so that organizations can keep serving customers through natural disasters or economic crises.
  • Robotic process automation --- Many repetitive tasks can be handled through automation, improving accuracy and efficiency, and reducing costs for the organization. Do you have the right automated systems and processes in place as your business recovers from the effects of the pandemic?

Our Recovery Services Include:

  • Tax recovery --- If you pay sales and use taxes or excise taxes, you may have overpayments that could be recovered – often with no upfront cost to your company. Energy companies could also be due severance rebates that Weaver could help you recover.
  • Royalty or franchise fee audits --- Franchisees or vendors who license logos or intellectual property may not be paying everything you are due. A royalty audit can help you identify and recover underpayments.
  • Tapping disaster relief funds --- A national or state declaration of a disaster or emergency provides opportunities for organizations – even private businesses – to apply for disaster relief funds. Such funds can provide funding to rebuild or to keep your company solvent through a long shutdown.
  • Tax relief --- Legislation sometimes moves quickly to address a sudden crisis, and there may be new opportunities for tax savings or credits you could take advantage of. Our tax professionals can help identify new savings to help offset unexpected losses.
  • PPP and ERC analysis reporting --- If your business received a loan under Paycheck Protection Program, or if you plan to claim the Employee Retention Credit, turn to Weaver for assistance with analyzing how your organization could benefit and eligibility for each program, as well as assistance with reporting requirements.

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Connect with Weaver professionals online to learn about tax regulations, compliance updates, financial resilience, industry news and thought leader insights. CPE credit is available for completion of webinar requirements.

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Employee Retention Credit Resources

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Robert Henry

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Shawn Parker

National Practice Leader, Audit Services


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