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Lease Terms are Being Revised to Avoid New Lease Accounting Rules

A desire to avoid lease accounting rules for new contracts has debt-strapped private companies exploring new avenues. But why? Some fear that by implementing the guidance, they would violate loan covenant agreements with lenders that limit the liability amounts they’re allowed to carry. However,…

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Uncovering Elder Investor Exploitation

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has the mission “to educate and empower investors so they can plan for a financially secure future.” The SEC held a roundtable in October to help raise awareness about the exploitation of a specific investor group — the elderly. Unlike younger people,…

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Two Valuable Year-End Tax-Saving Tools for Your Business

At this time of year, many business owners ask if there’s anything they can do to save tax for the year. Under current tax law, there are two valuable depreciation-related tax breaks that may help your business reduce its 2019 tax liability. To benefit from these deductions, you must buy eligible…

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IRS Issues an Update to Mileage Deduction Rules

The IRS has issued new guidance regarding the rules for using standard mileage rates when calculating "above-the-line" deductions for specific automobile operating costs. This new guidance also lays out rules — IRS Revenue Procedure 2019-46 — for establishing reimbursement of employee…

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Measuring Equity-Based Awards' Fair Value

Stock options and other forms of equity-based compensation are often awarded by cash-strapped start-ups and high growth firms to attract and retain skilled employees. These rewards can also provide incentives to boost performance and add value. However, there’s a downside: accounting for these…

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The Tax Implications If Your Business Engages in Environmental Cleanup

If your company faces the need to “remediate” or clean up environmental contamination, the money you spend can be deductible on your tax return as ordinary and necessary business expenses. Of course, you want to claim the maximum immediate income tax benefits possible for the expenses you incur.

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