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Is Investing in Secondaries Right for You?

For years, secondary funds were the poor, forgotten cousin of alternative investment funds. The secondaries market had limited activity, mainly from limited partners (LP) trying to exit their investments in old closed-end funds. Transactions in the secondary market were typically at deep discounts.

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What is Your Business Worth?

There are many reasons you value your business — some examples include the hard work you put into it, the time and life investment, and general pride in the accomplishment and product. There are also many reasons to determine the economic value of your business — retirement plans, loan applications…

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Mastering the New Data Collection Form for Single Audits

Even though changes in Form SF-SAC (Data Collection Form) from the Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC) may not sound significant, there are some potential “gotchas” entities should be aware of. Most importantly, you must now include text describing audit findings, the associated corrective action…

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Capital Calculations for Community Banks Will Get Easier

Good news for community banks: federal regulators have finalized a rule to simplify their capital requirements. The new rule allows these banks to adopt a simple leverage ratio to measure capital adequacy, instead of having to calculate and report risk-based capital ratios.

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Year-End Tax Planning in a TCJA World

It’s a TCJA world, and businesses are just planning in it. For many, the first tax-filing season under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was a time of uncertainty as they struggled with the law’s sweeping changes for their bottom lines and the resulting implications.

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Conflicts of Interest: When Employees Aren’t on Your Side

One of the governing principles of the employee/employer relationship is that employees have a fiduciary duty to act in their employer’s interests. An employee’s undisclosed conflict of interest can be a serious breach of this duty. In fact, when conflicts of interest exist, companies often suffer…

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Armoring Your Data Against Cyber Crime

These days, we’re all cyber — and we must all help keep our organizations’ information safe. Staying safe requires more than changing your password every three months. Technology can help, of course, but your security will always rely heavily on people doing the right things.

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