Thought Leadership


30 Keys to Cybersecurity

News reports about data breaches can sound like they’re written in a foreign language, which makes cybersecurity seem impossible. Luckily, it’s not. Securing your company’s data — and your customers’ — requires planning and diligence, but understanding a few key terms will make it easier to…

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Rolled Blueprint

Is a GP Fund Right for Your Deal?

Sponsors are often on the hunt for innovative ways to fund their real estate projects, particularly when they find themselves under capital constraints that limit their ability to invest.

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People Working on Laptops

Cybersecurity: Employees Are Your First Defense

Data breaches can mean disaster for both employees and the organization. They can cause financial loss, safety issues, negative publicity, lost productivity and compromised personal and organizational data.

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Use Pay-Ratio Disclosures with Caution

Starting in 2018, certain public companies must disclose the ratio of their CEO’s annual compensation to that of its “median employee.” The rule allows for significant flexibility in calculating these ratios, leading to widely divergent ratios within the same i

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