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Five Tips for Taming Your Year-End Close

Whether you’re a large or a small district, closing out the year’s books and getting ready for the auditors can seem daunting. But year-end close procedures don’t have to be overwhelming. Here are five tips for making the year-end close process more manageable:

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Will FASB Require More Detailed Expense Reporting?

Investors often can’t get sufficient information about a company’s future cash flows because expense information is too dense, according to recent discussions by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). An ongoing FASB project aims to make the income statement more useful to those who read…

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A Fresh Look at Percentage of Completion Accounting

How do you report revenue and expenses from long-term contracts? Some companies that were required to use the percentage of completion method (PCM) under prior tax law may qualify for an exception that was expanded by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). This could, in turn, have spillover effects on…

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Put a QOE Report to Work for You

An independent quality of earnings (QOE) report can be a valuable tool in mergers and acquisitions. It’s important for both buyers and sellers to look beyond the quantitative information provided by the selling company’s financial statements.

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Are You Ready for Automation?

A specific form of artificial intelligence known as robotic process automation (RPA) can relieve accounting staff of repetitive burdens and allow people to focus on higher-level analyses and strategic projects. Unlike manufacturing automation, RPA relies on software to automate digital processes,…

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Boardrooms Are Looking More Diverse

Companies of all sizes and industries understand the strategic value of bringing diverse voices to the table, not only in their workforce but also in their boards of directors. Recent boardroom diversity studies have identified some key findings and characteristics — beyond diversity of gender and…

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Train Employees to Help Stamp out Fraud

If your company is tired of being a fraud target, it’s time to train employees how to recognize and uncover unscrupulous activities — before irreparable damage is done. Here’s how.

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What Type of Expenses Can’t Be Written off by Your Business?

If you read the Internal Revenue Code (and you probably don’t want to!), you may be surprised to find that most business deductions aren’t specifically listed. It doesn’t explicitly state that you can deduct office supplies and certain other expenses. Some expenses are detailed in the tax code, but…

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