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Stay on Top of Your Credit Rating

What aspects of your hospital’s operations does a ratings agency look at when assigning a credit rating to your hospital? Do the latest reimbursement models emphasize quantity of services, quality of care, quality of outcomes — or all of these?

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Good News in the New Year: IRS Extends ACA Filing Deadline


Employers and other organizations got some good news from the IRS for the start of the New Year. The tax agency announced that it's extending the due dates for filing 2015 Affordable Care Act (ACA) information returns. This gives employers extra time to complete two tasks:

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Applying the Annual Cost-Sharing Limit to Family HDHP Coverage

In the preamble to the “Final Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2016” issued in April, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) established that the cost-sharing limit for self-only coverage should apply to all covered individuals — whether or not they’re covered by a self-onl

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