Weaver Stories


People are our Priority

Ask anyone at Weaver, and you’ll hear stories of belonging — from inclusive teams and supportive spaces to an unmatched employee experience from day one. Our people love Weaver because our priorities are clear. The firm’s leaders value the diversity of our teams and the unique perspectives and backgrounds that make us stronger together. At Weaver, employees find balance between personal and professional goals and experience flexibility to pursue lifelong passions. How do we do this? It all starts by making people our priority.

Pursuing Dreams Through Flexibility

At Weaver, people can have the flexibility they need to pursue their dreams. IT Advisory senior manager Shelby Mathers solves complex problems for clients while working remotely from her home in Michigan, then finds peace of mind exploring the nature she loves.





Support and Teamwork Lead to Reaching Personal and Professional Goals

For Tashiana Briggs, Weaver still feels like home 15 years after she launched her accounting career as an intern with the firm. She values the support and teamwork, as well as the guidance she has found at Weaver to reach her personal and professional goals.





Balance and Flexibility in the Office and On the Stand-Up Paddle Board

As tax senior manager and stand-up paddle board yoga instructor, flexibility and balance matter to Weaver’s Tony Burgess. Yoga helps him bring a positive energy to the office and lift others up while feeling supported in his efforts to maintain balance.