Weaver Wednesdays - Government CPE Webinar Series: GASB Update

Bringing together industry leaders and subject matter experts, our annual CPE event provides insight on updated compliance requirements as well as guidance on best practices in the new business environment. Featuring eight one-hour long sessions over the course of four weeks, our series of sessions are designed around the skills needed to prepare for today’s business requirements as well as tomorrow’s uncertainties.

Register for one session or join us for all eight.

GASB Update

Don't miss some of the recent developments at GASB! This session takes an in-depth look at both currently issued standards as well as projects on GASB's agenda.

This webinar will help you: 

  • Identify recent activities at GASB
  • Recall key points related to newly-issued standards
  • Apply the most recent GASB requirements to governments


This webinar is for all levels of business professionals, accountants and CFOs. Please note that CPE credit is not awarded for recorded webinars. Keep an eye on our events page, or sign up to receive invites for future webinars.