Webinar: Being the Indiana Jones of your Digital Transformation Journey

Weaver's 2023 Government CPE Series

Indiana Jones was the person with all the answers, knowing just the right path, how to negotiate tight scrapes, and knowing when to throw caution to the winds and just forge ahead to make progress. Your digital transformation journey may feel a lot like chasing a mythical icon at the end of a treasure map, but this on-session will be your go-to guide to help navigate those tough meetings from getting stakeholder engagement through negotiating with IT Security and even some tips to navigate the snakepit of dirty data.

This on-demand session covers:

  • What are the common tripping points of implementing a digital transformation program
  • Strategies to resolve conflicts and align objectives of stakeholders
  • Best practices to limit missteps and create actionable accountability

Being the Indiana Jones of your Digital Transformation Journey

Meet the speaker:

  • Morgan Page, Partner, Digital Transformation and Automation Services — Weaver

This webinar is for all levels of business professionals, accountants and CFOs.

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