Webinar: Cybersecurity Risks Missed for Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) often have dedicated teams scrutinizing strategic, financial, and operational plans and details however these activities uncover the often overlooked cybersecurity challenges and vulnerabilities that emerge during the tumultuous period of change. Discover how to navigate the intricate landscape of cybersecurity risks in these scenarios and gain insights into safeguarding organizational assets through strategic planning.

Those attending this on-demand session learn:

  • How to develop an approach to recognize cybersecurity risks that may arise during mergers and acquisitions, including data exposure, integration challenges, and insider threats
  • Effective techniques for conducting thorough cybersecurity due diligence during the pre-acquisition phase to ensure comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation planning
  • Strategies for seamlessly integrating cybersecurity practices post-merger, including aligning policies, enhancing security culture, and mitigating potential vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity Risks Missed for Mergers and Acquisitions


Meet the speakers:

This webinar is for all levels of business professionals, accountants and CFOs. Please note that CPE credit is not awarded for recorded webinars. Keep an eye on our events page, or sign up to receive invites for future webinars.


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