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Red Flags Reported? Respond with These Seven Steps

Public school districts can face many different types of fraudulent schemes, and perpetrators could come from any level in the organization. The damage done to your district and your budget by fraud, waste, abuse and corruption can be enormous: not just financial loss, but also losses in organizational effectiveness, reputation, credibility and public confidence. If one of your accounts payable staff reported a series of suspicious transactions, would your employees know what to do next? Early missteps in responding could create human resources issues; worse, mistakes could jeopardize a future criminal prosecution, if one becomes necessary.

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Trump Administration Blacklists Chinese Telecom Company Huawei

On May 15, President Trump issued an Executive Order barring United States companies from utilizing IT or communications products or services from entities identified by the United States government as posing a threat to national security. The Executive Order allows the Commerce Department to ban any foreign IT or communications company from conducting business in the United States if the entity poses a risk to national security. Although the Executive Order did not specifically identify any Chinese IT or communications company, the Commerce Department announced on the same day that Huawei and seventy of its affiliates had been “blacklisted” — officially added to the Restricted Party List. The move creates significant issues for American companies conducting business with Huawei or the banned affiliates. 

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