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Tune in as Weaver's Adam Jones and Anna Stevens examine the compliance challenges in Provider Relief Fund reporting for health care providers.
Tune in for a discussion on the implementation and execution of large-scale infrastructure funds during this The Business of Government episode.
Tune in as The Business of Government podcast discusses digital transformation and automation and its positive impact on government agencies.
Weaver: Beyond the Numbers discusses how developing employees helps companies achieve their goals and how he helps individuals and teams become their best.
Tune in as Adam Jones is joined by Trip Hillman to discuss the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape and the growing need for cyber insurance.
The Business of Government podcast discusses the opportunities and challenges of public fiduciaries and the leadership required to ensure success for future generations.
With an influx in federal assistance programs over the last two years, state and local governments are finding single-audit rules to be murky.
Tune in for a discussion on motor fuels taxation dynamics and insight on a constitutional challenge to the federal oil spill liability tax.
Tune in as The Business of Government discusses the risks involved with capital projects and offers strategies for mitigating those risks.
Government does not measure profit and loss, but it is still a business. Sharing her insights on the topic, Weaver National Strategy Leader Alyssa Martin, CPA, joined Business of Government host and State Government Practice Leader, Adam Jones.
There are many new funding streams available for community colleges in light of the CARES Act, this edition of The Business of Government touches on compliance for these funds and the changing trends in programing discussed at the Community College Business Officers conference.
On this episode of Weaver: Beyond The Numbers, Host Adam Jones discussed grant compliance with Brandon Tanous, Partner Risk Advisory Services, and Travis Casner, Managing Director of Forensics and Litigation Services.