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Government Consulting

Now is the time for government entities to transform society through innovative programs and processes that have a meaningful impact on all of our lives. From critical infrastructure to the environment, economic development, sustainability and equitable solutions to long-term concerns and disaster recovery programs, this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make a sustainable difference.

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Strategic planning is to public entities what geographic coordinates are to navigators. Without it, you’d get lost in the vision phase while falling short in delivering results for your citizens. Weaver’s GCS team formulates, measures, and reorients vision to actionable strategy, empowering governments to maximize benefits for their constituents and employees alike. With impactful strategic planning – supported by Weaver’s consulting – governments operate more efficiently and put taxpayer dollars to their best use. We have the opportunity now, with these once in a lifetime funding opportunities, to truly change lives.


The importance of public sector entities in providing critical services to citizens regardless of income or status cannot be overstated. COVID-19 taught us this and equally valuable lessons as it laid bare where operations fell short. At the base of providing safe communities, health care, housing, education, transportation, infrastructure, disaster recovery, and law enforcement – among so many other crucial services – is operations. It’s the backbone of a locality, a state, and our nation. Weaver meets each client where it is to review and to improve the following areas of operations, among others:


It’s no secret that some state and local governments are further along the technology maturation lifecycle than others. While one municipality might be laboring on disconnected, unlinked databases from the 1990s, others have streamlined their processes in the cloud. Weaver meets you where you are – and we understand each stage of maturation – to improve the functionality of what you’ve got while recommending ways to develop smart technology solutions that support transparency, security, reporting, seamless maintenance and constant uptime:

Human Resources

From the rise of hybrid remote working and the need to support different work and scheduling preferences, Weaver assists its public sector clients optimize their human capital structure to maximize benefits for their people, both inside their organizations and in the communities they serve. As fewer resources require governments to do more with less, Weaver’s GCS team enables governments that must operate differently – and leaner – to be smarter in their approach to human capital.

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