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Real Estate

The real estate market presents numerous challenges and opportunities, many of which have real estate accounting and tax implications to consider. Distress in office and multifamily real estate, growth in retail and self-storage, the current economic and demographic trends, along with high interest rates and succession planning, leave many owners and investors wondering where to turn next. Weaver’s seasoned real estate tax and financial advisory professionals provide you with practical solutions that draw on our extensive knowledge and experience in real estate tax strategies, accounting, auditing and advisory services.

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Weaver has served the real estate industry since the 1950s. As our clients’ holdings have evolved, so has our practice. Today, our real estate accounting team utilizes decades of experience to frame and fuel strategic business goals for real estate clients across the country.

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Weaver supports the real estate community through evolutions in the market, technology and society — and through shifts in your business priorities. Our team offers real estate accounting and financial advisory services for commercial real estate, real estate development, and real estate investment trust (REIT) tax benefits — as well as services tailored to real estate syndicators, funds managers, brokers and advisors, and property managers. Explore our services.


Commercial Real Estate

Owners and investors of traditional commercial real estate classes, such as office, retail, industrial and multifamily, have experienced unique challenges in recent years. While offices are struggling with occupancy levels and multifamily real estate comes with insurance costs concerns, experiential retail and industrial real estate continue to thrive. Weaver’s commercial real estate accounting professionals can advise you on your financial and tax planning needs and provide best-practice operational, risk and IT advisory solutions for your business.

Niche Real Estate

Several asset classes are becoming more attractive to owners and investors, including self-storage, manufactured housing and medical office real estate. Our team can assess tax, audit, accounting, valuation and other operational considerations for these types of properties.

Real Estate Developers

Weaver assists real estate developers across the gamut — whether your focus is in land development, homebuilding or commercial development. Development is risky from an operating and execution standpoint, and Weaver’s team can help you manage those risks while supporting your business goals. 

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have been around since the 1960s, and they’ve been changing ever since. Whether public or private, part of a larger structure or standing alone, there are many rules that all REITs must follow. Our in-house real estate team utilizes extensive REIT tax experience to help you with compliance and other tax matters you’re facing. 

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Real Estate Syndicators

Real estate syndicators must know how to make good real estate, fundraising, and investor relations decisions. Syndicators usually balance the nature and amount of fees associated with deals with investor preferences. They also consider the tax needs of repeat investors and structure deals, accordingly. Weaver’s real estate team is here to help syndicators with these issues.

Real Estate Funds

Real estate funds are always exploring opportunities for attractive investments, which require a strong network and a pipeline of potential deals. Many fund investors are institutional and have complex financial reporting and tax needs, which include the need for fund investments to be valued at every reporting period. Weaver works with more than 2,800  funds. We support both closed-end and open-end real estate funds, with a focus in the areas of audit, tax and valuation.

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Real Estate Brokers and Advisors

Real estate brokers and advisors provide counsel and guidance to their clients. But who do they go to for counsel and guidance? Weaver’s real estate team is ready to help and consult with you on any personal tax planning needs.

Property Managers

The best property managers take care of their tenants and their property owners. Safety, energy efficiency and building amenities are key areas that both tenants and owners look to in determining their interest in a property. Managers are also responsible for helping owners deal with climate regulations. Our team makes sure you have the resources and information to effectively reduce costs, identify potential tax benefits, accumulate climate data, handle rent collections and manage the books.


Hotels are dependent on the economy and people’s willingness to travel. Having the right amount of flexibility to scale up and down on short notice is paramount. Hotels are also the most staff-focused property type. Weaver’s team offers strategic solutions that improve your operational efficiency and help you make the best decisions for payroll matters, tax savings and inventory management.

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